Do you know how to work cupless bras in the bedroom?

There is a growing popularity of quarter-cup bras (AKA cupless bras, shelf bras or half-cup bras) in Singapore. Is this the same where you are?

Rather than for day-to-day wear or comfort, such bras are a type of lingerie that’s worn to tease and entice one’s partner or partners.

Quarter-cup bras specifically have underwire and elastic band to support and lift breasts. (They expose the nipples and areola, and are primarily for bedroom use.) Though they’re generally not for daily wear, one might choose to wear it with a skirt and a shirt with a low neckline.

As we can probably already begin to imagine, wearing these bras can:

1. Enhance The Breast Region

Lift and support our breasts which have changed due to pregnancy, breastfeeding or aging. It’s a natural process of life. We just have to do what we can and let go of the rest.

2. Seduce Him

This works as we are not showing too much, yet showing just enough for suggestion. Remember: less is more!

3. Tease Him

Play a little game of “can see but cannot touch” and cause our partners to run wild with desire.

4. Spice Things Up

Escape treacherous monotony by shaking things up a little. Do something different by wearing something different.

5. Be Used As An Accessory

Take some erotic dance classes, and play with it as you would an accessory. Then take it off!

6. Boost Confidence

You can choose to think of lingerie as more trouble than it’s worth, or as a way to boost your confidence when all eyes are on you. Choose a set that makes you look and feel sexy, and it will shine through!

7. Initiate Sex

When we’re intentional about pursuing our partners, it’s refreshing — especially if the other person always initiate sex. Our efforts can make them feel desired, loved and affirmed.

8. Distract His Eyes

We may wish to draw attention from other features of our body we are self-conscious about, and to our twin peaks instead.

Sometimes putting lingerie on only to take it off is FUN. But it’s not just about what we wear, but also how we wear it. So be comfortable, relaxed confident in your lingerie!

Credit: Yourtango