The Council of Elders of the New Patriotic Party takes mournful notice of the death of our dear brother Alhaji Adams Mahama who was also the Chairman of the Party’s Upper East Region. The Council expresses heartfelt condolences to his widow, children and the entire family of this committed and dedicated member of our Party.

The Council prays for his soul and expects that he will have a peaceful resting place in the arms of the creator.

The loss of Mr. Adams Mahama is a kind of gruesome incident that has never been known in the NPP tradition and the Council condemns this act of unbelievable cruelty and criminality without reservation.

The Council considers it the duty of all Party officials and members as well as the general public to lend full cooperation and support to law enforcement agencies in the search for the criminals responsible and for the dispensation of justice.

In this hour of grief and bewilderment, some may find opportunity to make conjectures and pass innuendos that are aimed at individuals and groups within and without the Party.

The Council strongly advises that all true Party members should desist from using the airwaves and the print media to generate diversions which could not contribute to the fact finding efforts of the investigators in the case nor to the peace and calm that is necessary at this time in the Party and the country at large. What the Party needs now is the sober atmosphere that allows for contemplation designed to enhance our search to salvage the harm that has been done by the murder of Alhaji Adams Mahama.

The Council emphasises the fact that the NPP has given a pledge to the people of this country to take over the reins of administration after the 2016 election in order to stave off this Republic from the current slide into socio-economic doom.

Alhaji Adams Mahama was an example of the new breed in the Party – reasonably young, energetic, committed and hard working. He was an inspiration to all those young people who see or have found the NPP to be the avenue to genuinely serve their country.

The Council of Elders would want all of us to use the death of this wonderful countryman as the NPP’s obelisk of unity and peace and the staff for the march towards victory in the 2016 election.

The Council of Elders stresses its concern for the maintenance of peace, responsibility and discipline in the Party.

In this regard the Council will avail itself of all existing avenues to ensure that all members act with discipline and in the best interest of the Party and nation.

This is the fitting memorial to the comrade we have tragically lost and for the respect of our Party’s traditions and objectives.

Hon. C.K. Tedam (Chairman, Council of Elders)