The Leadership of the Teacher Trainee Association (TTAG) of Ghana is asking its members to disregard speculations that suggest government is in negotiation with the secretariat on their withdrawn allowances.

It claims it had no official document on its desk that is pointing to a possible truce.

The Association’s Public Relations Manager, Patrick Karikari Antwi told Kwaku Owusu Agyei on Si Me So on Kasapa 102.3 FM its latest communication code-named the ‘The Mysteries and Realities of Teacher Trainee Saga’ is to clear issues.

“The bottom line is to let our members (teacher trainees) to be aware that we still have a course to pursue. We are not negotiating with government.”

Government has withdrawn the allowance of teacher trainees, insisting it can no longer pay to teachers in training any allowance, because Colleges of Education are being made degree-awarding tertiary institutions.

The Ministry of Education has further argued that if it was continued for them, then it must also be paid to trainee teachers at the University of Cape Coast and University College of Education, Winneba.

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Greetings from the office of the National Public Relations Manager, Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana-TTAG.

Comrades, I am very much convinced that the long silence of the National President on the Teacher Trainees Saga has proven to the Public and the entire teacher trainees out there that there is no negotiation on going.

I, Antwi Karikari Patrick, The National Public Relations Manager would like to state emphatically and vehemently that, I have no official information or document on the said negotiation between TTAG leadership and the Ministry of Education. It has been almost two weeks now and members of this Association are still starved with getting reliable information from the Association’s Secretariat.

I am making it known to the entire teacher trainees and those who have TTAG at heart that, in my capacity as the National PRM of this noble Association, no official notice has reached the national secretariat as far as issues of the negotiation with the government are concerned, let alone to talk of the possible outcome.

Our Teacher Unions(GNAT, CCT and NAGRAT) as well as the NCTE whom we were told engineered the call off our strike action have also remained silent.

I stand to believe that, there is a cause of this silence. These and many others are what add up to the fact that no such negotiation is taking place. If there is, why the total silence?

It would also interest you to know that, not even all the National Executive Officers, NEOs or the National Executive Council(NEC) members are aware of how far things are going. No wonder they cannot respond to questions posed them. Why should this happen?

Let me state that, I would not be surprised to hear from some executives of NEO that, reason A or B is the cause of the delay in the negotiation. Only God knows what is going on behind the scenes. Hmmmmm……

“Don’t be afraid to go after what you want and what you want to be. Don’t be afraid to pay the price to get it. What separates achievers from non-achievers is action. If you have a dream and procrastination, you have nothing” Our predecessors didn’t relent to go for what they wanted. They forsaw the benefits of this association, toiled and sacrificed their lives without fear and selfish interest.

They made this association their utmost priority and out of that, we all feel proud to be part of it today.

In spite of all these, I still believe that, a day of total revival is coming when TTAG, my beloved Association would no more share tears. Yes, very soon, our wounds would be healed and the TTAG we had hoped for all this while would rise again with vibrancy, faithful and God fearing leadership.

Let’s all pray for our Association.

God help us all

Long Live Teacher Trainees! Long Live TTAG!!


We duly mean well!

Thank you.