Samsung Electronics has launched the Activ DualWash washing machine which is set to revolutionize how laundry is done in Ghana.

The conventional way of doing laundry is very strenuous to the body; it involves standing, reaching, hauling, bending and twisting. When using a washing machine, the most tedious task is at the pre-wash stage where clothes are soaked and rubbed in a basin and then transferred to the washing machine in another location.

The Samsung Activ DualWash which has an in-built sink with water jet and a gentle scrubbing surface, allows users to handle the entire wash process in the washing machine. Instead of spreading the wash process to multiple places, this machine avoids messes, reduces effort, saves time and is gentle on the back.

That is not all, the Activ Dualwash machine is gentle on cloths because of its wobbling technology, which removes stains in a gentle manner without ruining them. The all-new magic filter technology, ensures a superior clean filter every time. It makes the filter easy to clean, simple to remove and wipe.

According to Vishwas Saxena, Director of Consumer Electronics, SEWA “At Samsung, we are committed to developing innovative products that satisfy most of the needs of our cherished consumers. It is against this commitment that Samsung has come up with a revolutionary washing machine, the Activ DualWash which cares for the homemaker as well as the clothes”.

Its new magic dispenser dissolves detergent and disperses it evenly before the wash cycle starts hence less residual detergent that might irritate sensitive skin. It also cleans leftover detergent in the dispenser all by itself, thanks to the magic dispenser. It come with a digital inverter which makes it energy efficient because it uses 45% less energy to operate.

The Activ DualWash comes with a 2 year warranty and is available at all authorized Samsung Experience Shops nationwide.

Credit: Samsung