Newly enskined Chief of the Talensi Paramountcy, Robert Nachinab Doameng Mosoore, says his new status has no political coloration.

Mosoore, who goes by the stool name Tongorana Kubilsong Nalebegtan told Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM that he has brought to a closure his involvement in partisan politics, adding that he now identifies himself as a member of every other party within the political space.

“As a chief you are a father of all;…. As I sit here I am wearing the cap of NPP, the cap of NDC, the cap of  PNC, the cap of all the parties, I must receive everybody as a son or daughter in the paramountcy.”

He says he has entered into a realm where his quest to serve his people should be paramount.

“I had my preference as serving my people in the capacity as a chief, ….In that capacity you see yourself serving more broadly than in this case, our type of partisan politics.”