Women are very considerate than men when it comes to expressing themselves with someone they have romantic connections with.

Especially with regards to sex and loving, women are more prone to tell a ‘white’ lie to keep the man happy, then tell him point blank how they feel.

It is for this reason that many women lie to avoid having sex with someone.

Whether they don’t consider you good enough to they’re just experiencing the occasional mood swing, a woman may give you a convincing lie to skip sex.

Here are some of the common ones:

  1. “I’m a virgin.” This one is common in new relationship where she is not yet sure if she wants to go that far with you. All you have to do is give her time and prove you’re “the one”.
  2. “I’m seeing my period.” Women can suddenly mentally call up their ‘imaginary menstrual periods’ when they don’t want to give your penis some action. This usually happens when you’re a regular boyfriend but you’ve been a bad boy and she wants to punish you without making it obvious. Just chill.
  3. “I’m fasting.” The born-again syndrome too happens where they use religious reasons as excuses to skip sex. Well, you will do yourself a big favor by letting the fasting period be over…after all its not a fast-till-eternity. Abi?
  4. “I’ve had too much to eat.” A full belly will not accommodate your throbbing phallus so she wants you to tame the erection on your own.
  5. “I have (stomach) pains.” Hahaha, stomach pains just decided to appear now? Bro, that babe just doesn’t wanna have sex. A genuine stomach pain needs to one to voice it. So chill and wait for the stomach storm to be over.

More often than not, the woman who uses these lines is either not seeing the man as a viable sexual partner, is angry as some issue that she is yet to voice about or just moody.

The way out it not to pressure her, just let her have the space she needs and come asking more gently any more lovingly later, chances are she may let you in.

Credit: globalwirenews