Some 91 Junior Doctors will today storm the offices of the Controller and Accountant General’s Department to demand for the payment of their 11-month salary arrears.

The exercise will go ahead as planned despite a promise by government that their owed funds will be paid in two weeks.

The leadership of the Doctors tell Kasapa News that they are ready to face the Controller and Accountant General to explain among other things why it’s necessary they are paid.

The CAGD has prior to today made claims suggesting the doctors are yet to submit documents stating they started work some 11 months ago.

Those claims are false, the Doctors insist, adding they’ve met all requirements that should make them eligible for the payroll structure.

“It’s a gloomy effigy of us as a people and an indictment on us as a nation, that we reward the patriotism of 91 doctors who have worked 11 months without salary with hunger, suffering, mental fatigue and depression.

“slowly we are being sentenced to death and for what crime? We do not know. Please respect our human rights and pay us our due ,” a statement they issued prior to today partly reads.