Both affected and unaffected victims of late Tuesday night’s fire outbreak that ravaged Abuja, a slum community located behind the COCOBOD office in the central business district of Accra, are now living in a state of fear and panic.

The settlers believe the disaster may bring to an end their continuous stay in the densely populated slum community.

They told that the “incident is enough to invite the Mayor of Accra, Oko Vanderpuye to demolish the remaining structures and sack us completely from this area.”

“Just look at what the girl has visited upon us. Oko Vanderpuye is everywhere and we will not be surprised to see him here in the next two day or whatever. He will not have mercy on us. He will demolish everything and tell us to go to our villages,” a depressed victim who only gave his name us Ansah Jojo told this website.

Most of the affected victims as well as the unaffected share the same beliefs espoused by Jojo.

According to them, since Sunday, July 12, 2015, all the taps connected to the community were not flowing. They were as well out of electricity at the time of the incident, an indication they said “meant our time is up.”

They however, pleaded with the city mayor not to vest his anger on them at this time that they needed his support.