Member of Parliament for Atebubu-Amantin Sanja Nanja says he has no doubt that Ghanaians will lynch Members of Parliament should they pass a law on same sex marriage in Ghana.

According to him, same sex marriage is a practice that is frowned upon by majority of Ghanaians as it violates the moral standards of the citizens, making its legalization practically impossible.

The MP was reacting to comments made by former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Constituency Chairman for Ayawaso West Wuogon, Michael Omare Wadie, who suggested that should proponents of same sex marriage invade the country and offer each Member of Parliament $1 million to help pass a law that will favour their course, the law makers will gleefully accept and honour their request.

The former chairman also made the remarks while commenting on the call by the Christian Council of Ghana urging President John Mahama to publicly state Ghana’s position on same sex marriage.

But reacting to the comments relating the MPs on Kasapa 102.3 FM,’s Si Mi So show Tuesday, Hon. Sanja Nanja maintains that he will be utterly surprised if such a contentious Bill is passed into law.

“If you speak to about hundred Ghanaians on same sex marriage you’ll get about ninety eight of them kicking against it. This is an issue one will have to consult the people he/she is representing before voting on, and I’m very sure majority of Ghanaians will disapprove of it”.

“ May God forbid, even when this issue goes to Cabinet and it’s approved and the Bill later forwarded to Parliament, they will come and meet an empty chamber, which committee will be willing to work on this Bill, is it the Gender and Children or Constitutional and Legal Affairs? I’m not sure any of them will be interested”.

Hon. Sanja Nanja notes that President John Mahama reserves the prerogative to remain silent or speak to the issue of same sex marriage, adding that he must not be forced to comment on the matter.