Former New Patriotic Party (NPP) Constituency Chairman for Ayawaso West Wuogon, Michael Omare Wadie, is suggesting that should proponents of same sex marriage invade the country and offer each Member of Parliament $1 million to help pass a law that will favour their course, the law makers will gleefully accept and honour their request.

According to him, same sex activists are powerful and influential persons who can easily raise that amount of money.

Mr Omari Wadie said this while commenting on the call by the Christian Council of Ghana on President John Mahama to publicly state Ghana’s position on same sex marriage.

According to the Council it is important that President Mahama speaks to the issue now, since his forerunner – the late President John Atta Mills unequivocally stated the country’s opposition to same sex marriage.

The Christian Council’s call follows the United States legalizing same sex marriages, a move which has sparked arguments in several countries around the world.

Speaking on Kasapa FM’s Si mi So show Monday, Mr Omari Wadie called for increased pressure on President Mahama to make his voice heard on this contentious issue to set the minds of Ghanaian at ease.

“I think it is important we get some official position on this issue from officialdom. If the leader speaks the followers obey and respects.

“Late President Mills made his position clear on the issue. All we are asking for is for President Mahama to do same; this is all we ask for.

“The other day I was having a chat with somebody… how many MPS do we have? 275 I believe so. Now if the gay people are able to convince the President and we take it to parliament, and these gays say they are giving each MP one million dollars for them to sign, I tell you they will come out to declare Ghana a gay state.”

“And the gay community can easily raise this money.”

However Member of Parliament who for La Dadekotopon, Nii Amasa Namoale, who was on the same show, disagreed with the call on President Mahama to speak on the issue.

He emphasized that once late President Mills stated Ghana’s position on the same issue, it still holds and could pass as the country’s official stance on the matter.

“President Mills was loud and clear on this issue, we don’t need President Mahama to also speak, are we saying that whichever President comes to power in the future will have to talk about this issue,” Nii Amasa Namoale asked?