Government has emphasized its commitment to sustain the new Pay Policy by continuing to implement series of Payroll clean-up measures such as suspension of salaries of public service workers without up-to-date personnel records and bank accounts.

According to government, the implementation of Electronic Salary Payment Voucher (eSPV); Continuation of Head Count; Validation of SSNIT Numbers; and Migration of all subvented Agencies onto the mechanised payroll are all geared at sustaining the pay policy.

Presenting the Mid Year Review of the 2015 Budget in Parliament Tuesday, Minister of Finance Seth Terkper stated that to ensure effectiveness of the payroll and HRMIS reforms, his outfit has directed the Controller and Accountant General Department, to stop processing the payroll for any Agency and management Unit that does not provide an update of the monthly report that is now given to all MDAs/MMDAs on government’s payroll.

He added that the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission will soon commence the administrative process to kick start negotiations on Categories 2 and 3 allowances and the base pay for 2016.

Mr Terpker noted that in the context of negotiating within budgetary constraints which has been agreed to by all stakeholders, as well as the need to reduce transaction cost of negotiations, there is the need to ensure that these categories of allowances are negotiated within the service classifications as stipulated in the Government White Paper on the Single Spine Pay Policy.