Former Legal Advisor to President Kuffour and Parliamentary Candidate aspirant for Okaikoi South, Mrs Vickie Bright says she feels unsafe in the constituency following an attack on her.

She has accused the sitting Member of Parliament Ahmed Arthur of instigating a disruption of a meeting she organized yesterday in the constituency, where a group of youth wielding weapons fired gun shots and destroyed property.


She alleged that the constituency youth organizer who is a key figure in the MP’s campaign team was being used to foment trouble in the constituency.

Speaking to Fifi Banson on Kasapa FM’s Anopa Kasapa show Monday, Mrs Vickie Bright who condemned the attack on her further called on the party leadership to restore law and order in the constituency.

“I’m sad this is not the Okaikoi South that I know, since when did we see guns being brandished at just a common meeting. This is criminal act and must not be sponsored by the sitting MP. I’ve reported the incident to the police, I feel so much unsafe now”.

However the Member of Parliament for Okaikoi South, Ahmed Arthur has dismissed the allegations leveled against him.

He told Fifi Banson that he had no hand in the disruption of the meeting held by the Mrs Vickie Bright.

Hon. Ahmed Arthur stated that his non-violent nature which is widely known, will not allow him to sponsor any such criminal activity.

“I’m not a violent person and I don’t need to be violent to retain my seat. The delegates and my constituents are all living witnesses to the kind of development I’ve brought to the area, my good works will enable me maintain my seat.”

The NPP National Office has put on hold the parliamentary primaries in Okaikoi South, due to a court case.