Ghana’s first family Friday had an accident scare when the helicopter they were traveling with to Kumasi had to make an emergency landing.

Pilot of the helipcopter carrying President John Mahama and First lady Lordina Mahama had to make the emergency landing due to what officials of the Ghana Armed Forces say was “bad weather”.

The landing was carried out successfully, officials of the GAF have confirmed.

The incident happened some 100 metres near Apatrampa, a suburb of Kumasi. A storm was said to be approaching, forcing the pilot to make a precautionary landing.

The place was immediately cordoned off, has been told. They were subsequently transported by road to Kumasi.

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The first family, who have since returned to Accra, were on their way back from the final funeral rites of Madam Joana Benneth, mother of Chairperson of the Council of State, Cecilia Johnson.