That Kenyan women also cheat on their spouses is old news in Kenya today. Most of those that cheat prefer younger men who they have christened Ben 10. The problem with a cheating woman is that she is good at it.

She is good at pulling the wool over others’ eyes and covering her tracks. If you are keen though, there are always signs when a woman is cheating. Here is a look into some of them;

1. The dates with the girlfriends – Women need their girlfriends. The girls are an important part of her life. She probably spent a great deal of time with them before the two of you met. A sudden and significant change of pattern though should be a cause for concern. Is she spending almost double the number of evenings with her girlfriends? Are the girls suddenly taking up her every free moment? That is a red flag.

2. Sexual deviations – One would expect that a cheating wife will not want to have sex with her husband but interestingly, some cheating women do the opposite. Feelings of guilt about cheating may prompt her to want to be more intimate with you. Is your wife suddenly wanting to try many different tricks in the bedroom? Pay attention.

3. No jealous streak – If your previously jealous woman suddenly has no qualms about other women checking you out, she is probably cheating on you. Is she suddenly teasing you about how other women would be good matches for you? She is subconsciously looking for ways to feel better about her actions.

4. Talk about a new friend – Women are wired to want to share all the exciting things that happen to them. If there is another man out there who is exciting her, she will want to talk about it. But because she can’t talk about him with you, she will resort to referring to him as a friend. She may even give him a female name because she needs to talk about him. Pay attention. That Carol she won’t stop talking about maybe another man. Just listen. She is bound to slip.

5. Her eyes – No matter how good she is at deception, it will be very difficult for your woman to look at you straight in the eyes and lie. This is especially if you ask her direct questions. You can test her. Ask direct questions about where she’s been or her activities and watch her eyes. Does she hold your gaze or does she look away? Are her eyes darting back and forth? She is probably cheating.

6. The rumor mill – They say that where there is smoke, there is a fire. Should you hear hushed rumors about your wife having an affair, do not just dismiss them. Investigate the rumors instead. Also watch her behavior. Has she distanced herself with neighbors or close relatives in the recent past? It may have been a subconscious attempt to throw them off her trail.

7. She is accusing him of cheating – Has your wife began accusing you of cheating even when you have not given her any reason to? It may be a subconscious bid to deflect the guilt of herself because she is cheating.

8. Obsession with his schedule – All of a sudden, your wife wants to know your daily schedule by the minute. This may be mistaken for her being paranoid but it is a strong sign of a cheating woman. She wants to know exactly where you are and what you are doing so that she will not be caught out cheating.

Credit: Nairobinews