The 2012 Presidential candidate for the Convention People’s Party (CPP) Dr. Abu Sakara says the most resourceful move for the country on the state of the voters register is to secure an integrated database system.

The country, he said can’t be making same mistakes every time by spending huge resources to be cleaning the register always, insisting that the state must commit to building such integrated system that is based on the National Identification platform.

Speaking exclusively on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM, Dr. Sakara said: ” if you commission an IT company to do this for the nation, if we can’t  even use it for 2016 elections at least we an be sure that we have done the corrections for subsequent elections. Let us initiate the process now.  The mechanism of maintaining such data base is the critical thing to do, so we’ll set it continuously updating itself.We need to initiate a new system and a way of building a new voters register now.Let’s not think in a box.”

The Electoral Commission (EC) is expected to hold a forum in the last week of October during which political parties are expected to make presentations on whether there is a need or not for a new voters register.

The EC expects that at the end of the forum a consensus would have been reached.