Ghana’s performance in Safety & Rule of Law in Africa has dropped, according to the 2015 Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) which was released Monday.

The country scored 70.6 percentage points, ranking 6th on the continent with regards to Safety & Rule of Law.

The achievement may sound good but the records indicate that the percentage scored represents a deterioration of -1.5 score points since 2011.

The downward trend, according to the Ibrahim Index was driven by worsening performance in two of the four sub-categories, Rule of Law (-1.7), and to a much greater extend, National Security (-6.7).

The fall in score in the Rule of Law sub-category was entirely driven by marked deterioration in ne of the five indicators, Judicial Process (-12.5).

Ghana, the results showed, is one of the only five countries on the continent to have seen a decline in this particular governance measure, alongside Egypt, Morocco, Mozambique and Sao Tome & Principe.

The sharp -6.7 score point deterioration in National Security was driven by a worsening performance in the indicator Government Involvement in Armed Conflict (-33.3) and static trends in other four indicators.

“The Government Involvement in Armed Conflict Indicator is the one in which Ghana has exhibited its greatest decline at indicator level since 2011 in the entire IIAG data set,” the report in part read.

Ghana in the overall ranking scored 67.3 percentage points to remain among the top ten ranked countries in Africa. The country was ranked 7th while South Africa remained in the number one position.

The Ibrahim Index of African Governance (IIAG) provides an annual assessment of the quality of governance in African countries and is the most comprehensive collection of data on African governance. The 2015 IIAG combined 93 indicators from 33 independent African and global data institutions.