The Chief Executive Officer of the Savanna Accelerated Development Authority, Charles Abugri has warned that for the national project to stay as a sustainable and viable venture, the SADA programme must be weaned off political interference.

He’s insisted SADA had barely gained a strong footing from the beginning, when it was reduced to a political game, which he said explains for the reason why the project  couldn’t realize its prospects.

In an interaction with Yaa Serwaa Akoto on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM, Abugri said politicians needed to take a cue from the past and stay off from the SADA project, following the rebirth of the project.

He said :“ the SADA team can speak for itself” .

“SADA has the capacity to manage its own affairs- It’s stronger and there are systems in place to make it work.”

According to him, the SADA zone is the biggest investment opportunity for investors, and hence demanded that the managers of the programme be given the free hand to operate independently to push it to the expected heights.

SADA, he said is now re-positioning itself to effectively address the three strategic objectives of mobilizing human, financial and other resources for the implementation of the accelerated development strategy.

He claims the programme will stimulate and promote investments and business development to diversify the economy and jobs in its catchment areas.