While player bonus and allowances seem to dominate the headlines in Africa Swaziland have taken an interesting turn in their own style.

Jonase Vilane the PRO of Madlenya Football Club in Swaziland has pledged a goat for the national team Sihlangu in appreciation of their great performance against Nigeria on Friday.

The Super Eagles and the Sihlangu Somnikati played out a goalless draw in the first leg of the tie.

Vilane said he was impressed with the performance displayed by the team during the World Cup qualifiers clash played at the Somhlolo National Stadium which ended in a goalless draw and made the pledge on the popular radio Sport Show programme aired on Friday morning on SBIS 1.

The boys surprised us. A lot of people had written them off saying they stood no chance against Nigeria but they proved them otherwise. I was very impressed by Sihlangu and if it happens that they play well in Nigeria, I will talk with my family and do something even bigger for the boys, he said.

Player bonuses and allowances have dominated the headlines in most African countries with players demanding huge bonuses and associations failing to agree but Swaziland’s example is set to generate a new debate.

While the South Africans country is looking at a new dynamic to motivate their players, Nigeria’s River State governor has pledged $20,000 per player if the Super Eagles are able to defeat their rivals on Tuesday.