Coffin Maker in Ghana

Solomon Egyir Kokukpome, Managing Director of Alpha Koku Entreprise has questioned why the country’s Polytechnic institutions have completely shied away from introducing casket making as part of woodworking courses being taught in schools.

“There is an imminent collapse of the market as the Chinese have taken over the trade and are now even importing them from outside into the country” Egyir warned.

He claimed the trend is very alarming as most students who have even learnt carpentry in school find it difficult making casket because of the myth attached to it.

According to him, Ghana cannot have a robust economy when there is an over emphasis of ‘buying and selling’ courses dominating the syllabus in schools with limited concentration on vocational and technical aspect of the country’s educational sector.

He fears this in essence will limit the Ghanaian market.

“Until your relative dies, one cannot see the relevance of coffin as a necessity in life. We need government’s support to open up the industry so the youth can be wooed into the industry to promote a diversified economy” he told Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM Thursday.