Two young men Kweku Asiedu, a Ghanaian and his accomplice, Huhu Bele, a Togolese national are in the grips of the Abetifi police for the murder of a 15-year-old boy for blood money rituals (Sawaka).

The two suspects who have been remanded into prison custody, allegedly dragged the victim who was on his way to church into a bush in a village called Hwehwe, and cut off his head and took it away leaving the torso.

A young man who also used the same route soon after the act, saw traces of blood on the path and informed the inhabitants about what he had witnessed. They also relayed the information to the police who came to the crime scene and took the corpse to the Holy Family Hospital morgue.

Speaking to Kasapa News, Chief Superintendent Sarfo Peprah of the Abetifi Divisional Police Command, stated that their information led to the arrest of the two who were suspected to be the perpetrators of the heinous crime.

He further noted that their investigations revealed that Kweku Asiedu had consulted a traditional priest who had taken him through the money ritual initiation.

“Our lead took us to the room of Kweku Asiedu where we saw the pot which was supposedly given to him by the traditional priest obviously for blood money rituals. To him, he believed there were huge sums of money in the pot as he was assured by the traditional priest, we forced him to open it, it then emerged that there was no money in the pot.”

Chief Superintendent Sarfo Peprah stated that the suspects are expected to return to court on 8th January 2016.

Investigations continue.