The first Ghanaian to establish a private radio station, Dr Charles Wereko Brobbey, has bemoaned the situation where the ‘free media’ system in Ghana is being misused to discuss only the negatives in the country’s developmental process.

According to him, on a daily basis the free media opportunity rather than spurring the development of the country is rather used to look for the negative aspects of Ghana’s democracy and accentuating it, “everyday you get politicians from opposition sides never agreeing on anything but arguing about things, that is the nature of our media.”

Speaking on the Ghana Report show on Viasat One, Dr Wereko Brobbey who is also the former Chief Executive Officer of the Volta River Authority (VRA) blamed the politicians and especially the media for the state of affairs.

“I blame both the politicians and the media for the status quo, but mainly the media because they control what content should be discussed on any given day and that is what differentiates between the wheat and chaff.”

Dr Wereko Brobbey noted that whereas virtually all the medial platforms discuss politics daily, they lack the standard format that will ensure that Ghana’s democracy is enriched through their political programmes.

“In Ghana we like talking about what has gone wrong but we never talk about how to fix the problem and that has been the bane of the country’s development.”

Ghana is one of the leading African Countries where press freedom is protected allowing the media to freely express themselves as part of their contribution to nation building.

The full list of authorized FM Radio broadcasting stations in Ghana as at the end of March 2015 totaled 390. Out of this number 309 stations are currently operational. There are over 30 TV stations and over a hundred newspapers.