Former MP for Adentan Constituency, Hon. Kojo Adu Asare has fingered the 2014 World Cup Commission for lack of proper investigation into his involvement in an alleged embezzled $20 dollars at the World Cup in Brazil.

Hon.Adu Asare in an interview with Adam Adjei on Dwidwamu on Wednesday argued that the Dzamefe Commission did not do a proper work with regards to supporting documents over the said amount.

According to him, the documents were available and if they had asked the appropriate questions to the right people the commission could have arrived at a proper conclusion.

The former MP for Adentan Constituency could not fathom why the commission chose to ask one Larry Acheampong who had little or no idea about what transpired in Brasilia even though he appeared before the commission.

“We think they did not do a proper work on that particular clause because these are documents that are available that all they needed to do was to ask the appropriate questions to the right people, in this case if you go and ask Larry Acheampong or if you invite Larry Acheampong to give you answer on this he was in Natal and I was in Brasilia. I also appeared at the commission but this question was not asked, it was only when Larry (Acheampong) went there that this question was asked. Meanwhile he was not in Brasilia so how could he have given you a vivid account of what happened.”

He further revealed that hard copies of the documents needed by the commission are currently available and his lawyers are preparing to seek redress at the law court.