Ghanaian rapper and Africa’s hip hop artist AJ Nelson who has the title ‘King of BA’ has explained the rationale behind his new single ‘Power to the People’ which features songstress Wiyaala.

AJ Nelson recently released his first studio album ‘Soul Food’, the latter album has the hit song ‘One to love you’ which features Lady Jay produced by Genius Selection.

In explaining his rationale behind the title and song ‘Power to the people’, AJ Nelson said:

“Power to the people is a cultural expression, a political slogan that has been used in a wide variety of contexts‪#‎Powertothepeople

He also added:

If u believe in yourself, if u believe it’s time for us to stand up as one people for what’s truth,what’s right, what’s real,let me see ya’all share this artwork it goes beyond u just being a fan..Lets push it as far as we can…#Powertothepeople

Power to the people to me sounds more like a movement for change; a revolution that the people needs to embrace.

The theme is so powerful that when embraced properly it will change things in our society.

There is a need for the people to know that they give leaders the power to do what they do hence we need to accept that the power is for the people.