Christians across Ghana and beyond can now experience a ‘sin-free’ Facebook alternative from the 9th of January, 2015. The web application developed by LoveRealm, a Ghanaian Christian organization is the first in the country to provide a social network that will be free from ‘unchristian’ content.

“Social networks these days are filled with nude content and violence. LoveRealm however ensures a holy social network experience by censoring and removing ‘unchristian’ content. This ensures that God is the entire focus of our social network experience” CEO Dr. Yaw Ansong Jnr clarifies.

Hundreds of Christians are being invited to use the app in a pre-launch event at the Pentecost Convention Center. This is to ensure that users can make inputs and accommodate necessary modifications,’ says Bojan Jordanovski, CTO at LoveRealm.

The web app is offering the platform for those who believe and want to follow God to connect with others both in Ghana and abroad.

“You will meet people just like you; people who have struggled with the things you have struggled with” Dr. Ansong reveals.

It’s purely a social media interaction that allows those struggling to keep the Christian faith to share weaknesses and confess their sins to one another.

But founders of the site say, it will also provide an opportunity to help Christian come out from the vicissitudes of life. “So it is not just a place to poor out your heart and frustrations but a place to find solace and solution” Dr. Ansong added.

Visit and sign up.