EC boss Charlotte Osei

Elections are backbone of democracy. In West Africa, however, elections are often contentious and trigger of violence. Nonetheless, a careful examination of events from the Electoral commission boss puts our country into a dangerous ground.

Infact, I have checked, double checked and cross checked about electoral violence in the West Africa countries and I must confess that most of these political instabilities in our neighbouring countries are the handiwork and the recklessness of Electoral Commission chiefs.

Without mincing words, Madam Charlotte Osei is psyching the minds of candidates to rejects results of the 2016 Presidential general elections.

To begin with, it is evidently clear that our electoral register is full of foreigners and minors who contravene the electoral laws of our land yet the commissioner seems to be unbending to the calls for a new register.

Flowing from the above, many prominent Ghanaians, both home and abroad have waged in the war for a credible and transparent elections.

Unfortunately, the posture of the commissioner is completely in variance to the general expectation of Ghanaians.

What is more shocking is the fact that the Commissioner seems to be talking too much and commit errors at the end. This to me is enough recipe for chaos and threatens the forward march of our beloved country.

For instance, just some days ago, the commissioner came up with a committee of which the composition was full of NDC loyalists.

Eventually, the Commissioner has to swallow the disgrace of suspending the committee in order to do revisit and conduct a thorough examination of the composition of the committee.

Sincerely, you cannot compose a committee without conducting a background check on people you invite on a committee. Perhaps, the Commissioner thinks she is still at post at the NCCE.

Fellow Ghanaians, I fear for the future of this country especially at this period of time in which the Commissioner is inconsistence in her operations.

As a young man who has learned so much about war, it is prudent to have a neutral person who has the fear of God to preside as the electoral boss.

I always maintained that it is an unfortunate thing to subvert the will of the people. The desires of the people must always prevail and the only way out is to ensure that the electoral process and the voters register are as credible as possible.

Long live Ghana!

Long live CAF!

And God bless us all!


Ernest Kojo Smith, Political Analyst and the Executive Director of CAF.