Communications Director of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) party, Solomon Nkansah has described the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Dr Mensah Otabil as a threat to national security and co-existence.

According to him, the renowned pastor has clothed himself with cassock and under the guise of preaching the gospel has resorted to inciting the public against the government which it’s public knowledge he strongly opposes.

Head Pastor of the International Central Gospel Church Dr. Mensa Otabil has said Ghana needs salvation from incompetent people “who have determined to run us to the ground”.

According to the Chancellor of the Central University College, citizens of the country need to take charge of affairs in order to direct the course of the nation to the desired direction.

“We have to wrest the nation back and control it as citizens of this country and that is the challenge I want to put to you. You have to dare to dream to take our nation back.

“I hope that as we celebrate this story, and I like how it was put earlier that it’s a revolution and it’s really a revolution. We have to battle, we have to fight, we have to wrest the destiny of our nation from incompetence and from people, who have determined to run us to the ground,” the motivational speaker stated at the launch of a book titled ‘Dare to Dream’ on Albert and Comfort Ocran’s Springboard roadshow.

He continued: “I’m not saying take it back from one party to give it to another party; I’m saying the citizens must take their country back and run their own country, and if springboard succeeds in doing that I think it would have done a very great service to our country and if you and I succeed in doing that we would have done a great service to our country, so, I hope that tonight as we launch this magazine, we will not leave here with a sense of accomplishment, but we’ll be fired to…go out there and make a difference and the difference is not just for you to prosper, but for you to take back your nation”.

However responding to Pastor Otabil’s comment on Kasapa News, the NDC Chief Communicator Solomon Nkansah emphasized that he has repeatedly stated that the former is a dishonest man, who is pushing an agenda against the government.

“If we condemn him some of you in the media think we’ve said something abominable, but what this man has said is very frightening. It amounts to inciting the public against the government. Under the guise of the Bible, he says all sorts of things against those he is not in support of. But you know what; God is bigger than him and so whenever he says such things people don’t listen to him. I am ashamed and scandalized as a Christian that a man of God can speak like Pastor Mensah Otabil has done”.

He added: “If he doesn’t know, he should check the constitution and he’ll realize that minority rules the country but they are voted into power by the majority of Ghanaians. We cannot all be President and MPs that is why we vote for one person to rule and enact laws respectively”.

“These are the men who are a threat to national security and co-existence. Because you don’t support the NDC government, you are inciting the public against the government. During the NPP regime he didn’t preach this way, he rather preached with the Ghana flag, why is he preaching this way now. The last time it was generational thinkers, today it’s about revolt against minority rule. We can continue to countenance such worrying conducts of this Pastor” Solomon Nkansah noted.