There is still no escaping that offhanded argument or confrontation with a difficult colleague or senior. Difference of opinion is bound to arise between any two individuals, more so for those who may work together for most part of their day. Research says 10% of conflicts come about due to this While it may feel natural to fly off the handle, it is actually necessary to just keep calm and listen during the face of conflict. Here are some sure-fire ways to stand your ground at this time…

What to do:
– Always be as polite and civil as you can. Any kind of personal attack is wrong.
– Be quiet and listen. Shouting as loud or louder than the opposite person only escalates things.
– Use the right body posture. A lot is actually gathered from the way that you express yourself, even unknowingly. Don’t cross your arms, which ay appear too aggressive. Instead, try and hear someone out.
– Show that you are willing to comprehend and understand the person’s point of view. Say things like, “If my understanding is right, then you…”

– Don’t look to win. If you have a ‘checkmate’! attitude, you may win the argument but you will lose trust
– Agree to disagree, too. Or simply ask for help to resolve the issue. Don’t dictate terms. That’s a huge no-no.

Impact of arguments:
Low productivity, high stress levels, loss of trust and anger.