One of the most respectable figures of our time, Blakk Rasta has taken a tumultuous swipe at aspiring American President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump who happens to be the flag bearer of the Republican party, has courageously indicated that when voted into power he would expel all blacks especially from Africa and Muslims from America and would also build a big wall at the Mexican boarder to prevent Mexicans from entering into America.

There is an anti-Trump protesters who believe Donald Trump is a racist and not savory enough to lead America.

Known in real life as Abubakar Ahmed, Blakk Rasta who is one of the anti-Trump protesters is out with a song titled “Dumb Trump”.

Speaking to Dr.Who, host of hot and classic showbiz review on Hot FM, Blakk Rasta revealed his motive behind the song:

“My brother Dr. Who, Donald Trump is a hot headed terrorist. He is a fraud. He can’t rule America with such policies. I called him dumb because he has forgotten his policies shall derail the entire world. He is nothing but a modern day vampire ….ancestor of Hitler … He is simply a joke. I’ll personally pray he doesn’t win the elections”, Blakk Rasta told Dr. Who passionately.


According to Blakk Rasta, the song was recorded by award winning sound engineer Zapp Mallet.

Blakk Rasta urged everyone to rally behind his new song “Dump Trump” to help save the world from the unserious – divisive bully of a despair.