Vaccines experts around the globe have convened in Accra to brainstorm over the future of the industry.

Key on the agenda is the development of a Universal Guide for Vaccines Safety for use by all countries.

That means the experts would be discussing and brainstorming the final draft document which when approved would be unified standard guidelines for use to ensure that all recipients in all countries receive vaccines which have been subject to the same standards of quality, effectiveness and safety.

The experts are all members of the International Organization of Medical Sciences/World Health Organization (CIOMS/WHO) working Group on Vaccine Safety which was established in 2013.

The objective of the Group is to create a forum for information exchange and interaction between public health agencies, regulatory authorities, industry and other stakeholders on vaccine safety.

The event which is the 8th is being hosted by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) on behalf of the Government of Ghana.

Chief Executive Officer of the FDA, Hudu Mogtari, commenting on the event expressed his pleasure at hosting the Working Group in Ghana as this happens to be the first time the Group’s meeting is being organized outside the United States of America and Europe.

Participants in the meeting include the Vaccine Safety Experts from the USA, European Union, WHO – Switzerland and the leading vaccine manufacturers from both developed and developing countries.

Mrs. Delese Darko, Ag. Deputy Chief Executive in charge of Safety and Monitoring and Clinical Trials represents Ghana on the Council of CIOMS/WHO Working Group on Vaccine Safety.

She represents not just the interest of Ghana but that of Africa and low and middle income regulators in shaping the global landscape for vaccine safety.