The flagbearer of the Progressive People’s Party (PPP) Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom is urging the Attorney General’s department to investigate self acclaimed financier of the ruling NDC party, Alfred Woyome over claims that he supposedly secured €1.5m from foreigners to fund the NDC.

It is illegal under Ghana’s laws for registered political parties to get external funding.

Former president JJ Rawlings in a recent interview alleged that the embattled businessman took the money from a “foreign European group on behalf of the party” and “he’s got to account for it.”

Touching on the matter, Dr Nduom who is also an astute businessman said the allegation must not be left to die and must be probed to its logical conclusion.

Below is a statement he released on his official Facebook page:

The Attorney General’s Office Must Investigate This!

The Office of Attorney General must investigate this allegation that Mr. Alfred Agbesi Woyome received funds from a foreign, non-citizen source on behalf of the NDC. This investigation must be extended to other political parties. In particular, the Electoral Commission must require all political parties and candidates to file monthly returns to account for funds raised for the 2016 elections and their source.

Former President J. J. Rawlings, has said this about Mr. Woyome this past week. On this matter, I believe the former President:

“I am aware of the half-a-million euros he took from a foreign European group in my name; I never saw a penny of it. The one-and-a half million euros he took from that same group, supposedly on behalf of the party, he’s got to account for it.”

For the benefit of everyone, this is what THE POLITICAL PARTIES LAW ACT 574, (2000) says:


Contribution by citizens.

  1. (1) Only a citizen may contribute in cash or in kind to the funds of a political party.

(2) A firm, partnership, or enterprise owned by a citizen or a company registered under the laws of the Republic at least seventy-five percent of whose capital is owned by a citizen is for the purposes of this Act a citizen.

No contribution by non-citizens.

  1. A non-citizen shall not directly or indirectly make a contribution or donation or loan whether in cash or in kind to the funds held by or for the benefit of a political party and no political party or person acting for or on behalf of a political party shall demand or accept a contribution donation or loan from a non-citizen. Contraventions of this Part.
  2. (1) Where any person contravenes section 23 or 24, in addition to any penalty that may be imposed under this Act, any amount whether in cash or in kind paid in contravention of the section shall be forfeited to the State and the amount shall be recovered from the political party as debt owed to the State. The political party or person in whose custody the amount is for the time being held shall pay it to the State. “