A political science lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST), Dr. Richard Amoako Baah, has dismissed explanation given in support of the new logo of the Electoral Commission by its Chairperson, Charlotte Osei.

He believes the new logo of the electoral body is just another avenue for making money by some individuals at the expense of the State.

“Why is the EC boss doing this at this time that we going into the general elections? How important is this at this time; how critical is it? From her explanation it means the whole thing is create, look and share”, he noted in an interaction with Accra based Okay FM, Wednesday.

Madam Charlotte Osei in her interaction with journalists last Tuesday explained the composition of the new logo of the electoral body.

“The blue in the circle represents unity, singular and unified. The red, gold, green represents our country, Ghana. And so the entire new identity represents a unified common purpose and our vision and demonstrates our independence as an institution. We are going to be in our purpose in ensuring that our democracy grows from strength to strength. The inward looking arrows reflects all the people of Ghana coming together equally because its one person one vote and every vote has the same value. So we are all coming together for the purpose of selecting our political leadership”, she noted.

But Dr. Amoako Baah believes that explanation was not convincing, noting that “Charlotte Osei is just finding a juvenile explanation for a mistake”.

“The logo could easily be changed. The independence aspect that she is talking about even makes it easier for what she is doing to be fraudulent”, he added.