Security expert and Islamic Scholar, Irbard Ibrahim has lashed out at popular Nigerian Prophet, TB Joshua saying his negative revelations predicting a wave of terror attack on Nigeria and Ghana is a blatant mistake.

He said this  had the tendencies to create fear and panic, adding that terror attacks are only predicted by pragmatic and diligent intelligence gathering and not by prophecies from men of God.

“I don’t think it was right for the man of God to do that. God is not a God of negativity. How will it be that most of the revelations given to these prophets by God are always ill fortune. Can’t we get anything better than that?

“I say this with all reverence and deference to the man of God, sometimes when you fill your belly with too much food before going to bed, you tend to be getting all sort of dreams. Let’s not equate such dreams as prophecies from God.”

He cautioned in the wake of the terror alert in connection with Prophet TB Joshua’s revelation during a sermon aired on his Emmanuel TV Sunday.

“I see Thursday, Friday. Pray for these two nations – Nigeria and Ghana – over gathering in any way, over attack. I am seeing attack and that will be in a foreign way. The attack will come not in a local way. So please open your lips and pray for these two nations for protection,” Prophet TB Joshua told his church Sunday April 10.

Commenting on the development on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.3 FM Tuesday, Irbard although it will be extremely difficult for any lethal fighting force to get a foothold in Ghana, there should be the need to secure the environment to stop the escalation of such organisations in the country.

For him, there could be possible threats lurking in the background, if paramilitary groups in the country are made to fester, calling on government to disband such groups ahead of elections.