Ghana is scheduled to migrate from issuing biometric passports to chip-embedded ones to citizens globally by next year, Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration Minister, Hanna Tetteh, has announced.

She adds the process will be implemented across-board as Ghanaians with the current biometric passport will also  be required to upgrade to the chip-embedded ones.

This she claimed could be obtained locally from all the 10 regional passport application centres .

“What we are going to do is not to give you a biometric passport but rather to upgrade the system to begin to issue from next year, the chip embedded passport. We are therefore going through a procurement process to build up the infrastructure across all our embassies,”


“That is our 57 missions and consulates, the passport office in Accra and ten regional passport application centres so that across all the embassies of Ghana, you will now be able to apply for what will be the chip embedded passport which is an upgrade on the biometric passport. What we will have in Japan is a data capturing centre. You will still have to fill a passport form but one of things we are doing is that we  are putting the forms online. You will have to provide your  supporting documentation, your birth certificate, information that proves you are who you say you are,” Hannah Tetteh said in an interaction with the Ghanaian community in Tokyo, Japan.