The Ghana Nurses and Midwives Training Association has given government a two week ultimatum to rescind its decision to stop bonding of public health nurses.

The Association said the trend will rather breed corruption and favour those who can influence the system with money to be employed while those with the requisite skills are rejected.

Spokesperson for the group, Godwin Asabre said it will be forced to take actions after a period of 14 days, if government does not reverse its planned decision.

“We don’t welcome this decision and we’re kicking against it. We were told the IMF conditionality doesn’t affect employment in the health, education sector. So has that decision changed or now that there are some additions to the IMF conditionalities that we don’t know,? Asabre questioned in an interview with Accra-based Citi FM.

Government has washed its hands off the employment of nurses in the country, effective next year, Health Minister, Alex Segbefia has announced.

According to him, the old order where the Ministry of Health automatically employs the nurses upon completion of their training will cease.

Speaking at Ho in the Volta region, the Health Minister Alex Segbefia said the government’s agreement with the International Monetary Fund(IMF) necessitated the decision to enable it cut back on the wage bill.

He said untill 2017 when the directive will be implemented fully, government is giving a period of moratorium to the nurses, to mop up those who have already been bonded to be considered up to next year.

“We have to sign an agreement with the IMF. And one of the things that the IMF looked at was our wage bill which was very high. So we had to get rid of all the ghost names and reduced it but it is being watched closely. But they know we have bonded some of you and once the person is bonded, we are compelled to employ so we’ll employ those people. But if you’re not bonded next year or in two years time you now have to take your certificate and look for a job.You’ll now all apply for a job, just like anybody else who goes out. We’ll put you in the same position as private health training colleges, because it is a different scenario we are in,” Mr. Segbefia said.