Criminologist, Prof. Ken Agyeman Attafuah, says the best way to reduce the spate of armed robbery in the country is to create better social and economic opportunities for the citizenry to enjoy.

To this end, he has appealed to the government as well as those aspiring to govern the country to ensure that there are enough job opportunities for the jobless in the society.

Prof. Attafuah made this observation when interacting with Okay FM on Monday.

He was reacting to last Sunday’s robbery attack on the former Minister for Trade & Industry and Presidential Special Initiative (PSI), Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen.

The criminology expert commenting further said it was about time the country puts in measures to curtail the menace, stressing more about spending on prevention devices rather than tracking down gadgets although the both contribute a lot to address the issue.

“If we had a data base of the bio-data of the citizenry, it would have reduced these robbery cases. This is trying to apprehend the criminals. Prevention is our best target and this would be aided by technological tools”.

“Planting surveillance technological tools at strategic locations – at traffic lights among others will help a lot. This will help deter people from going to rob. If people become aware that those devices are there and monitoring their activities, it becomes a threat to their well being and they would go to rob. If it is a hidden camera doing secret recording, it helps to track down criminals. These are expensive devices but they are worth it”, he noted.