In his quest to help Africa and people around the globe understand how to have access to safe drinking water, UK based Chartered Biologist Doctor Michael Cresswell, is set to tour some rural parts of Ghana.

Doctor Michael Cresswell in an interview disclosed that he chose to start with Ghana due to the love, affection and long relationship with Ghana’s Lt Col. (Rtd) Edward Mensah.

“I chose Ghana as my first location to commence my work because of my excellent relationship with my dear friend Lt Col. (Rtd) Edward Mensah, whom I have known for about 10 years,” he said.

Talking about what his initiative entails, Mr Cresswell said; “I will talk about some books on safe drinking water, files and simple test kits. I have no commercial backing, or sponsors or any big finance as this is purely from my heart and something I do voluntarily to make a difference.”

According to him, he got the vision to embark on this journey after completing a course with a forum called Landmark Forum.

From his experience at the forum he said; “After my completion, I realise the potential to create awesome possibilities for an extraordinary new life to make a difference, be happy and successful. Life is for loving and loving is life.”

“My commitment is to give love and kindness in all I do (work and voluntary work) and to help the poor in Africa and the World have access to safe drinking water,” he said.