Former Rector of the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA) Prof. Stephen Adai has slammed the decision by government to convert Polytechnics into Technical Universities saying that is an exercise in futility.

He joins many other academics such as Profs. Akilagpa Sawyerr and Ernest Ayeetey, the outgoing Vice Chancellor of the University of Ghana who insist the decision is wrong.

Several educationists have kicked against the turning of Polytechnics into technical universities. Some argued that the polytechnics have not yet developed the necessary curriculum needed to run degree courses as well as the fact that various polytechnics are not conducting enough research to warrant the conversion into technical universities in 2016.

The Technical Committee on the conversion of polytechnics to technical universities, announced its decision to convert all polytechnics into technical universities beginning 2016, albeit in phases.

The conversion of polytechnic into technical universities was one of the manifesto promises of the Mahama administration ahead of the 2012 elections. The purpose of the transformation of all polytechnics into technical universities is to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It is also geared towards training students with employable skills for economic transformation in the country.

But speaking at a lecture at the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Logos Congregation at Achimota College as part of the Church’s 50th Anniversary celebration under the theme: “The role of the Church in the political dispensation of the country” Prof. Adai stated that Polytechnics even when converted into Technical Universities may fail if government fails to provide the needed tools to run the schools.

“Government has decided to turn Polytechnics into Technical Universities, I dare say that the move is wrong and it’s bound to fail. The reason why the polytechnics want to be upgraded into Technical Universities is that their salaries do not match up to that of the universities. So that when they are referred to us Universities then their salaries must be increased, so if that is what they want, then government must enhance their salaries and do just change of names.

“The reasons why the Polytechnics are not doing much for Ghana is that the machinery needed to run the schools are not available, so if you turn it into a technical university or not, if there are no tools they will remain ineffective. That is a fact and it is important that the is told at all times.”