12-02-06 -- ACCRA, GHANA -- Starbow airplanes at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. Photo by Daniel Hayduk

Local airliners in Ghana are reported to have loss an amount in excess of GH₵200,000 following the grounding of domestic flights by air traffickers and controllers at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) on Friday.

Operators of domestic flights in the West African nation say the full scale industrial action by staff of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has impacted negatively on their activities.

The operators say the development was largely due to refund of air transport fairs.

Local airlines like Starbow and Africa World Airlines have all rescheduled their flights spontaneously following the strike action by staff of the GCAA.

Several passengers were left stranded at the airport following the grounding of the domestic flights.

Although the strike has been called off as at 11am, Saturday, operators of the local airlines say the action by staff of the GCAA was not fair.

They do not understand why the staff of the GCAA decided to single ground domestic airlines and leave out international flights to operate.

Eric Antwi, CEO of Starbow told TV3 News in a telephone interview his outfit has lost in excess of 70% of their revenue due to the refund of money to passengers who were billed to travel on Saturday morning.

On Friday, staff of the GCAA declared a full scale industrial action by grounding all domestic flights nationwide.

The strike comes after series of warnings by the GCAA staff that are in demand of their encroached lands La Nkwantanang.

The staff on Tuesday, July 5, 2016, began what was described as a first phase strike during which there were disruptions to services at the following units: Audit and Finance – no issuance of some cheques; AIS – no circulation of domestic NOTAM and flight plans; Drivers – no transportation services after picking and dropping staff; Safety Regulations – no inspections; Exit and Procurement – no services to external clients.

The staff, however, declared a full-scale strike after negotiations with authorities hit a snag Friday.

Following the call off of the industrial action, officials of the GCAA are expected to meet the Chief of Staff, Julius Debrah at the Flagstaff House on Monday to find a lasting solution to their problems.