One of Ghana’s popular investigative journalists and reporter for Joy FM, Manasseh has slammed the IGP over his social media banning mantra insisting that the Police entertaining that thought alone is problematic.

He claimed Police banning social media is not an answer that will deal with the excesses of the platform, but rather suggested for the Police to create a unit in his jurisdiction that will explore strategies for controlling the system.

“He should get a team of experts, young people; and they are doing recruitment, they should get very young IT technicians who are so good and give them a unit. And I think they can do wonders with  it in their investigations and all that,” Manasseh told host Bola Ray on Starr Chat Wednesday.

The Police have come under attack after the Inspector General of Police, in a press interaction, said blocking social media during the November polls was an alternative the police was considering in a way to prevent troublemakers who might want to cause mayhem and disrupt the election process.

According to him, the move could be one of the last resort to curb the election related troubles during the November polls.

But Manasseh interacting with Bola Ray on the issue said the Police must beat a retreat on such claims and rather focus on exploring social media themselves to crack down on criminals.

“Sometimes they go to put images of wanted criminals in the mainstream media- newspapers and the rest, how many of us can buy? But if you put those images on social media, people can share them,” he explained.