Two panelists, Alistair Nelson and Godwin Ako Gunn, who appeared on Accra-based Montie FM on Wednesday has threatened to kill the Supreme and High Court Judges if they dare pass any judgment against the Electoral Commission (EC).

In a very distasteful manner, one of the panelists sought to instill fear in the Supreme and High Court Judges in the country by cautioning that he could identify each Judge’s house and will therefore not waste time to attack them if they don’t allow the EC to do its independent work.

“If this country is plunged into, all those who contributed to it – we will start from their houses. God has really opened the way for these Judges who would want to plunge this country into chaos – I know each and everyone’s house. I know where the Judges live in Accra here. I can show you …I know their quarters – the Supreme Court Judges”.

“I also know the High Court Judges. I am telling you God has a way to show … If they like, they should bring up something – it will start from their residences … I am telling you in their neighborhoods and when we finish them, then it will be over … and we will come back to govern our country”.

“They don’t want this country to make progress and so we have to assist them to go so that we who love the country will help to develop it”

“So, they should sit there if they think they are Supreme Court Judges. The Electoral Commission is insulated. Article 45 – go and check. You cannot do what you are doing. You the Supreme Court Judges – what are you doing for Ghana? Your colleagues Judges who are taking bribes – goats, GH₵1,000 among others – aren’t you ashamed of this?”

“The senior Judges who are at the Bench, by this time, all of you should have resigned because of what your juniors are doing. Aren’t you ashamed? So, you invite any chaos onto this country – we are young and very agile and will not sit down for this country to be destroyed”.

“Old men and women – square pegs in round holes. You have grown past seventy years and should go on retirement”, said one of the panelists.