Pro-opposition pressure group, the Let My Vote Count Alliance (LMVCA) has urged the public to reject what it described as “an elaborate plan to block social media, jam frequencies of radio stations and interrupt mobile networks on elections day.”

A statement issued by the LMVCA  said: “an outright ban of social media is not the panacea to false reportage.”

It further asked Ghanaians to protest any such move aimed at repressing freedom of expression and stifling the free flow of vital information during the election period.

The IGP’s consideration to block social media on Election Day has been met with stiff opposition from a host of Civil Society Organisation(CSOs) and section of the public.

He’s on two separate occasion – May 26 and July 19 justified the proposed ban insisting it will minimize abuse of various social media platforms which he said created unnecessary tension.



The LMVCA noted that the possible social media shutdown on election day could be a scheme towards protecting the political interests of Mahama’s regime.

“Since access to social media is routed through local internet-based communication providers whose activities are regulated and licensed by a government entity, the National Communications Authority (NCA), it is possible to block social media sites.

“We have credible intelligence that there were elaborate plans to take advantage of the November 7, 2016 election date to focus the world’s attention on the USA elections and to divert attention from our own elections.This can only be part of a desperate attempt to stay in power by all means possible.

“We also call on the President to, as a matter of urgency, make a categorical statement clearly stating that the undemocratic and diabolic act of stifling the flow of information by blocking social media and jamming media houses would not be executed.”