The Christian Council of Ghana (CCG)says it will continue to make its voice heard publicly on socio-political matters despite the several attacks on its former Chairman, Rt. Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey.

The former Chairman of the Council who’s also the outgoing Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, was last week subjected to heavy criticisms by a section of the public after he alleged that some politicians tried bribing him with $100,000 to gag him.

He has also claimed that the deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga once tried lobbying him to take up the position of Chairman of the National Peace Council, an assertion that has been dismissed by the Interior Minister, Prosper Bani.

However the new Chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana, Rev. Dr Ernest Adu Gyamfi told Joy News, that his outfit remains unfazed by the way in which Rev. Prof. Martey was handled, adding that the Council will continue to speak on happenings in the country, all for the good of Ghana.

“We as pastor and as leaders have direct contact with people, after work they come to church they raise their complains…the market is difficult, this is not there… we hear all these things. You go to rural settings, you see roads, you see rural water problems, you see delapidated schools, you see all these things. So when we are speaking as heads of churches, it is because of what we have seen and heard and the things that we have observed.”

He added: “So I believe that politicians will be served very well if they are patient enough to listen to us. We are supposed to be bold…Moses admonished Joshua to be strong and be bold, the insults may be there, criticisms may be there, people will be bashing us left and right but we still have to be bold.”