If Ghallywood were to reshoot the sensational “Oliver Twist” Movie, Veteran actor,William Addo aka Akpatse would be the perfect cast for the Oliver Twist character.

After getting the support from benevolent people like Kwame Sefa Kayi,Isaac Vorsah,Bola Ray,Akwesi Aboagye ,Dr.Who and president Mahama to fund his glaucoma and cataract surgeries at the cost of GHC10,000.00, he’s back with yet another request.

Speaking in a one on one intriguing interview with Rossy of www.razzonline.com, Akpatse which literally means a trickster in the Ga dialect, again made a passionate appeal to organisations and individuals that they should come to his aid and help him purchase a corn mill machine at the cost of GHC5,000.00 .

Citing his motive behind his latest appeal,the seasoned actor revealed that the cataract surgery was successful but because his glaucoma surgery wasn’t successful,doctors say he would need GHC500 to buy medicine every month till he dies because the glaucoma is incurable.

However, since he wouldn’t want to be a burden on people, he wants to go into the corn mill business so he can use the proceeds to buy the medicine he needs to treat the glaucoma to prevent him from totally going blind .

Kindly watch the full interview in the exclusive video below..