The Association of State Attorneys has blamed the National Labour Commission(NLC) for its prolong strike.

The Association has been on a three months strike over government’s failure to meet their demand for improved condition of Service.

In a letter dated 29th December, 2016, the Attorney General ordered the State Attorneys to return to work or risk losing their salaries.

But the National President of the Association, Francisca Tete-Mensah has called the bluff of the AG and rather blamed the National Labour Commission(NLC) for the impasse.

She contended that:“The Labour Commission under Section 172 is mandated by law to go to the High for enforcement of its own  award which is in our favour.”

She added that conversations related to their welfare is now in a limbo because:”The Labour Commission has shirked its responsibility of doing that, that is why we are suffering now. If the Labour commission had stood up to the test and instructed the legal service board to grant us our pension and conditions of service, it wouldn’t have brought us this far.”

The Association has thus fired back at the AG for its resolve to withhold its salaries, insisting it will go to court to seek redress of the matter, if the AG dared executing that move.