Almost 10,000 civil servants in Tanzania have been sacked over fake education certificates.

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli has said that civil servants whose names were on a list of persons with fraudulent qualifications have up to May 15 to resign or be prosecuted.

Locale media reported that officials in Tanzania have said that some of the civil servants used certificates of their relatives to secure jobs.

Names of those cited in a report on the scandal are to be published by newspapers in Tanzania.

A report submitted to President Magufuli showed names of some 9,932 people who are without proper secondary school certificates.

The said report did not examine workers with university degree certificates.

Securing fake certificates has become common in Tanzania with people paying for it on the black market.

Last year police raided a facility in Dar es Salaam and retrieved machines and piles of templates for fake secondary school, birth and other forms of certificates.