The Bureau of National Invesigations (BNI) has commenced investigations into circumstances leading to the sale of lands belonging to the Pantang Hospital.

The Director of the Hospital, Frank Banin who confirmed the ongoing invetigations, disclosed that he has already been invited by the BNI and interrogated over the purported sale of the lands after several anonymous letters were written over the issue.

The Staff of Pantang Psychiatric Hospital on Monday, July 10,2017, began a sit-down strike, an action which is against the encroachment of the hospital lands by private developers.

According to the staff, numerous petitions to authorities to have the issue addressed have yielded no positive results.

They’ve indicated they will also halt operations of the hospital and hit the streets next Wednesday in furtherance to their action over matter, if the issue remains the same.


Already, patients and their family members who had gone to the hospital from all across the country for medical attention are bearing the brunt of the strike action as they are not attended to, leaving them stranded.

Meanwhile, the CEO of Mental Health Authority, Dr Akwasi Osei has urged the Ministry of Health to step in immediately to end the impasse as the continues strike action is a threat to mental health delivery.