The Minority Leader, Haruna Idrissu has challenged the Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) to show cause why it should not be punished for contempt of court after it misled an important institution such as Parliament.

According to him, his experience with the BNI has left him skeptical of their findings.

Haruna Iddrisu had warned the president to withdraw the Deputy Agric Minister nominee George Oduro because of a damning report by the BNI which linked the nominee to a drug related offence in 2007.

Even though the Minority had boycotted the vetting of the deputy ministerial nominees, the leader minced no words in demanding the withdrawal of the Deputy Minister of Agric.

“In respect of the nominees, I am compelled to request that the president should consider withdrawing the nomination of one of the appointees named George Oduro because there is a damning BNI report on him,” he said on the floor of Parliament.

The report said the nominee George Oduro was on May 2008 mentioned as a principal suspect in a cocaine syndicate. He was supposed to have travelled on a Canadian passport and had an accomplice named Nelson Troy Edward, the report suggested.

The BNI further recommended that the nominee be withdrawn to prevent future embarrassment to the country.

However it turned out that the drug suspect, may not be the nominee but has similar name- George Kwame Oduro.

At his vetting the nominee said his name is George Boahene Kofi Oduro and not George Kwame Oduro as the BNI report indicated.

Haruna Iddrisu commenting on a BNI report that cleared the embattled MD of the Bulk Oil Storage and Transportation (BOST) limited, Alfred Obeng of any wrong doing in the controversial sale of the contaminated oil on Tuesday at a press conference in Accra, ) accused government and BNI of engaging in a massive cover-up in the matter.

He questioned why the BNI has been silent on the fake report it forwarded to Parliament, daring them them to speak up.

“Many of you will recall as we undertook appointment committee and vetting, the BNI wrote officially to Parliament on a matter affecting George Oduro. They must give cause why we should not be cited for contempt of court, becuase the official documents they submitted to us raised issues about that. Uptil today, they are silent on that matter. We need to know where they stand on this particular issue and why they should be misleading Parliament on this particular matter. There are very interesting times in our country on transparency and on fighting avarice, corruption and abuse of office.”