The Action Movement of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC ) has accused the ex President John Mahama bloc within the party of being responsible for former Deputy Chief of Staff, Valerie Sawyerr’s character assassination of ex President J.J Rawlings.

Valerie Sawyer last week in an epistle cast aspersions at the personality of former President Rawlings describing him as an ‘agitated mosquito’ and other cat-calls.

The likes of former Member of Parliament for Lower Manya Krobo, Michael Teye Nyaunu lashed out at Valerie Sawyerr describing her action as gross disrespect to Mr Rawlings who’s the NDC founder and who also appointed Valerie’s father[Harry Sawyerr] Minister of Education.

The Action Movement in a statement signed by its Spokesperson, Kodzo Hamenya Keglo expressed its indignation at Madam Valerie Sawyer, whom they discribed as a discredited and tainted Mahama loyalist.

According to the group, “the¬†level of inept wanton folly by Valerie Sawyer beats our imagination and we want to state categorically that, John Mahama and his close associates are behind this ridicule to discredit agenda against Mr Rawlings.

“We find Valerie Sawyer’s belligerence, and utterances on our party founder, to be very reckless and we are convinced that such unprovoked attack on the former president could only be part of that grand scheme orchestrated by the Mahama bloc to once again ridicule the party founder.

“We are by this statement sending a signal to all those clowns around Mahama who constantly spew a bunch of wheat due to ignorance in an attempt to make us believe that Mahama is the best thing that has ever happened to the NDC to be weary of the repercussions of their unguarded attacks on JJ Rawlings.”

The statement added: “We were fooled to believe the claim that Rawlings has outlived his usefulness. It cost us the 2016 elections. Yet Mahama and his ilks have not learnt any lessons. They are obsessed with the Rawlings and their sense of criticism is only limited to tearing the NDC founder apart.

“The NDC cannot afford the cost of any human folly that has the potential of keeping the Party in perpetual opposition. Even after such a humiliating electoral defeat and the aftermath of Kwesi Botcwey fact finding committee report, Mahama loyalists are still living in the past.”

It further noted that “Valerie Sawyer is just one of the many wretched comedians and among a bunch of noisy ducklings who have lost touch with reality and will do anything to protect the Mahama status quo and their long pockets.

“Valerie Sawyer is anti-NDC. She hates to see the NDC succeed. This is a same woman who is alleged to have actively campaigned for an independent candidate against the NDC’s candidate in the last elections at the Klottey Korley constituency. We are calling on the party hierarchy to call Valerie Sawyer to order, or better still sack her from the party for her treachery.”