The  Northern regional women organizer of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP), Hajia Amama Seidu has endorsed and commended the party youth group – The ‘Burma Camp’ for violently locking up the office of the School Feeding Programme on Monday.

She’s accused the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Madam Otiko Djaba of using the party to settle political score.

Hajia Amama in angry tirade thrash talked Madam Otiko and said she was elated that the youth carried out the action of throwing out the workers and blocking access to official documents.

She went on to accuse the Gender Minister of tribalism, dubious appointment and dividing the women group in the region.

According to her, the action of the youth would force the party leadership to revisit discussion on the welfare of the  School Feeding program under Madam Djaba and appealed to President to detach the Programme from the ministry.

Hajia Amama said Madam Otiko appointed caterers and Zonal coordinators at same time indicating further the Minister sidelined regional women organizers and packed the programme with constituency women organizers who are all her tribe mates.

Chaos beset the programme four months ago when the party regional chairman, Bugri Naabu led an alliance of women organizers of the party in the region, to disrupt a meeting held by the minister with another women wing, in Tamale following accusations she was supporting a candidate for the regional coordinator post of the program. The chairman was rooting for a different candidate for the same position.

Though, following an exhaustive deliberations, the choice of Bugri Naabu was chosen, Madam Otiko has since failed to set up good working relationship with her regional officer.

On Monday, a youth group of the party organized a news conference accusing the Gender Minister of sidestepping the authority of the regional coordinator and said it was the power of the regional coordinator to appoint Zonal coordinators and Caterers.

The youth then invaded the Regional Coordinating council  and locked up the office of the programme and urging  the regional coordinator to stand down if Otiko would not accord her the respect.

The NPP regional women’s leader praised the vandalism by the youth and said it will bring the attention of national leadership to find lasting resolution to the confusion that continues to gripped the programme in the region.

“I was happy when I heard it because I want Otiko to know she is not the only northerner women to be minister- Hajia Alimah is also a minister, Hawa Koomson why is that you alone doesn’t want peace in the Northern region?  Why are always crashing heads and engages in tribalism, what kind of human being are you? So when I heard the office has been locked, it has become necessary, and when it gets to the national leadership how low Otiko has reduced us the party leaders in the region. 

“Because all the women she denied are those who stood behind and supported the party to win more seats in the region and you are appointing those you like into the feeding, do you think you own the government? Don’t you know you are just an appointee. We suffered and you are lucky to have such chance and want to misuse it. Otiko doesn’t want anything for Dagbon. See the kind the mess she confused since she assumed office. She wants to divide and we will not allow her,” the failed DCE for Tolon slammed