In a bid to appreciate its customers and employees whose efforts could not be left unnoticed, Jumia Ghana has awarded its three most outstanding Customer Service Representatives and is offering customers up to 70% discounts in their SUPERHERO DEALS campaign this year.

What’s even more amazing is that, customers stand the chance of winning GHS50 vouchers which can be used to shop on if they visit their Facebook page and accept the event invite.

Customer Service Week according to, is an international celebration of the importance of customer service and of the people who serve and support customers on a daily basis. It became a nationally recognized event after the U.S. Congress declared it in 1992; hence its full celebration in every first week in October.

It was an exciting time as the M.D for Jumia Ghana Mr. Ore Odusanya, congratulated the award winners,Mr Emmanuel Lartey for being the Most Promising Intern, Miss Veronica AkofaDokli, the Extra Mile Junkie and Mr. Isaac Afenu for being the Values Superstar.

This year’s Customer Service Week started from 2nd to 6th Octoberwith Jumia Ghana seizing the opportunity to celebrate its gallant men and women who strive daily to deliver the best of customer experience to its noble clientele.

As such, the entire customer service team at Jumia Ghana, through a well monitored voting process nominated distinguished members of the team into carefully selected award categories. These categories included; The Most Promising Intern, The Extra Mile Junkie and The Values Superstar.

After free and fair balloting, it was said that Mr. Emmanuel Lartey demonstrated his passion for excellence in every task assigned to him.Helping his fellow interns to become more effective, makes him stand out as the most outstanding new addition to the Jumia team.

The female winner, Veronica AkofaDokli was much admired as she was considered to be the type that looks at a problem and sees numerous solution. An optimist who sees the glass half full and not half empty. Her colleagues say she goes the extra mile to get her job done and performs tasks far beyond her job descriptions. Adding that, Miss Akofa has a superb sense of ownership and she sees to the complete resolution of all issues assigned to her.

Mr. Isaac Afenu- the Values Superstar pulled through as the fastest rising star in the customer service business. He is tremendously appreciated by his immediate team as well as the larger Jumia team as being a team lead as he always rises to the occasion.  The Panelists said, Mr. Afenu is a living embodiment ofJumia’s values, an epitome of teamwork and the best interpersonal relationship exhibited across ventures and departments.

In a summary speech said by the winners of the Customer service week, they are‘honored to be part of this steadfast Customer Service team of Jumiaand are really appreciative to Jumia Ghana for their cooperationand zeal to making this year’s CSW a success. “Everybody is a winner’ they added.